2017-18 Choir Tour day 8: Salisbury

After A big day of travel and singing  yesterday, we had a well deserved morning off today, which most people spent slowly wandering around the town of Salisbury, or else sleeping off the dreaded lurgy to which a number of us have succumbed.

In the afternoon we made our way to Salisbury Cathedral for rehearsal and then evensong. Repertoire for the evening was the Howells Gloucester Service and the Stopford Lully Lulla. It was a lovely building to sing in, and the altos especially found it entertaining when they discovered a phone in their seats. A direct line to God himself perhaps?!

We had a wonderful time singing here, and the welcome received was again warm and friendly. Several of our number were a little bemused to see the bumping stone, which is apparantely used in the initiation of new choristers. We hope to find out what this means during our tour!

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