Maurice Duruflé: Messe Cum Jubilo

The tenors and basses from the choirs of St Peter’s Cathedral and Pilgrim Uniting Church will be joining forces to sing Duruflé’s exquisite Messe Cum Jubilo in choral eucharist services on successive Sundays in their respective homes. 

In the Messe Cum Jubilo, Duruflé envelops a unison baritone line with his characteristic rich harmonies and colourful organ registrations. The melodies, both vocal and in the accompaniment, are based closely on the Gregorian plainchant mass ‘Cum jubilo’, designated for use on feast days of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Join us for this rare opportunity to hear this unique work, 10:30am Sunday 18 September at St Peter’s Cathedral, and 11am Sunday 25 September at Pilgrim. 

The image is from Monet’s famous series of paintings of Rouen Cathedral, where Duruflé was a boy chorister. In the title of his 2002 biography, organist and writer Ronald Ebrecht describes Duruflé as ‘the last impressionist’. 

Image: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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