Choir Tour day 1: Worcester Cathedral

The choir today travelled to Worcester for our first evensong of the tour. We spent the morning rehearsing in the song school, which provided an opportunity to warm up the voices and clear out the travel fatigue!

After some lunch and a chance to wander the town and stretch our legs, we were back at the cathedral for a rehearsal in the quire and a briefing from the verger. We were grateful to the cathedral volunteers who provided us with a much needed cup of tea prior to our evensong at 5:30pm.

Responses: Smith
Psalms: 123 & 128, chants C.H. Lloyd & I.A. Atkins
Service: Brewer in D
Anthem: Stopford, There is no rose

After evensong we headed out to dinner in Worcester before heading back to our hotel in Hereford to rest up for the next day.

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