Choir Tour day 2: Hereford Cathedral

After a restful morning, the choir made its way to Hereford Cathedral for the second evensong of the tour.

After a rehearsal in the song school we had an opportunity to explore the cathedral, home to the Mappa Mundi exhibition, one of the world’s most unique medieval treasures, and the largest surviving chained library in the world.

The cathedral’s magnificent acoustic was put to full use with our repertoire today, the exultant Dyson in D and the Stopford echoed through the building. It was a wonderful place to sing.

After the service, the choir enjoyed dinner in town before heading back to the hotel to get ready for our trip to London.

Responses: Smith
Psalms: 142 & 143, chants D. Drury & J. Turle
Service: Dyson in D
Anthem: Stopford, There is no rose

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