Choir Tour days 4-5: Salisbury Cathedral

Leaving London on a high after our evensong at Westminster Abbey, the choir made its way to the city of Salisbury in Wiltshire. Upon arrival we were treated to a tour of the cathedral by the volunteer guides who were both entertaining and knowledgeable!

After getting settled into our hotel we made our way back to the Cathedral to get to work! The rehearsal was our first opportunity on the tour to sing the Ešenvalds Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis, and we relished the chance to sing it in such a stunning place! Evensong was surprisingly well attended considering it was a wet and cold New Year’s eve!

New Year’s Day saw the choir return to the Cathedral for Choral Eucharist at 10:30am. It was a wonderful opportunity to sing a different type of service and experience the joy of processing through the length of the nave. The congregation were treated to a wonderful improvised postlude by David Drury, who made full use of the many colours of the cathedral’s organ. He even got a round of applause!

Tomorrow we make our way to Canterbury, but for tonight we will be relaxing in the nearest pub, making the most of an evening off!

Repertoire, Evensong
Responses: Smith & Naylor. Cantor Theo McCall
Psalm 150, chant D. Drury
Service: Ešenvalds. Soloist Suzanne Pederson
Anthem: Stopford, There is no rose

Repertoire, Eucharist
Responses: Halls
Service: Andrea Gabrieli, Missa Brevis
Motet: Will Todd, My Lord has come

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