Choir Tour days 6-7: Canterbury Cathedral

On Monday morning we left Salisbury to travel to Canterbury for evensong. We hit significant delays on the M25 and made it to Canterbury Cathedral just in time for our 4pm rehearsal!

The quire in Canterbury is spaced further apart than in the previous cathedrals, which made getting used to the acoustic a little more challenging. However the choir quickly adjusted and sang beautifully for our first service.

The following morning we were treated to a guided tour of the cathedral, learning the history of the building, including the infamous murder of St Thomas Becket.

For our second evensong we sang the Stanford in C service, which gave both the choir and the organist an opportunity to let loose in the acoustic! Dr Drury’s improvisations on both evenings used the organ to its full potential and even earned him a round of applause! Both services were live-streamed by the cathedral and can be viewed on their YouTube channel. (Links below)

Repertoire Monday 2nd January
Responses: Smith
Psalm: 13, chant C. Wilton
Service: Brewer in D
Anthem: Will Todd, My Lord has come

See the live-stream here.

Repertoire Tuesday 3rd January
Responses: Smith
Psalm18: 1-16, chant A.H. Mann
Service: Stanford in C
Anthem: Stopford, There is no rose

See the live-stream here.

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