Choir Tour day 12: York Minster

On our final day of singing for the tour, we sang all three services at York Minster, beginning with the matins service at 10am. This was our first matins service in England and we celebrated by singing the wonderful Collegium Regale Te Deum and Jubilate by Herbert Howells. While singing such an ambitious work first thing in the morning was challenging, the choir rose to the occasion!

The matins was quickly followed by the eucharist service, which was sung in the nave of the cathedral at 11am. We enjoyed singing in this part of the cathedral, with the acoustic giving the Gabrieli mass and the anthem new life.

The choir had some more time to explore York and grab lunch before heading back to the Minster one last time for evensong. Singing for the whole weekend in York Minster was such a privilege and one that the choir enjoyed immensely and will never forget.

Repertoire, Matins
Responses: Smith
Venite: chant D. Dury
Psalm 89: 20-29, chant I.A. Atkins
Service: Howells Collegium Regale Te Deum and Jubilate
Anthem: Howells, Here is the little door

Repertoire, Eucharist
Responses: York Minster
Mass: Andrea Gabrieli, Missa Brevis
Motet: Will Todd, My Lord has come

See the live stream here.

Repertoire, Evensong
Responses: Smith
Psalms: 46 & 47, chants W.G. Alcock & I.A. Atkins
Service: Dyson in D
Anthem: Bob Chilcott, Epiphany

See the live stream here.

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