Choir Tour: Final Day

After 2 weeks of touring and singing, our tour has officially come to an end.

We left some of our choristers behind in York to begin their onward journeys within the UK, while the rest boarded the bus for the last time to head to London. Some choristers were dropped off at St Pancras and Victoria Stations as they either stay in London or make their way around England. Others were dropped off at a hotel in Heathrow where they stay the night before heading to Berlin for 5 days, and others made their way directly to the terminal to begin the journey home to Adelaide.

Over 14 days the choir has sung 12 services in some of England’s biggest and best cathedrals. Friendships were created and strengthened as we travelled, dined, walked and explored together. But the highlight has undoubtedly been the music. Being able to sing in these magnificent buildings, steeped in the history of music and worship is a priceless experience that we have been privileged to share in. We bring home with us a renewed commitment to musicianship and the traditions of evensong which we aim to keep alive in Adelaide.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful Insight tour director, Clodagh and our bus driver Alf for their exemplary service in getting us organised and where we needed to be each and every day. Our thanks also go to David Drury for accompanying us once again on tour and providing such wonderful music. And of course, huge thanks go to Christopher Bridge for helping organise the tour and to our director Peter Kelsall, without whom none of this would have been possible.

The choir takes a break for the rest of January and will be back at Pilgrim on the first Sunday in February.

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