Our instruments

Main organ

The organ was originally a two-manual, 21-stop instrument built by Eagle Ltd of London, and installed in Pirie St Methodist Church in 1855. The instrument was successively enlarged and rebuilt by Fincham & Hobday (1884), J.E. Dodd (1902), Roberts Ltd (1930), and L.S. Waters & Son (1966). In 1973 the organ was moved to its current location, with the merger of the Pirie St Methodist and Stow Memorial Congregational churches. Since then there has been considerable enlargement and revoicing of the instrument, carried out by George Stephens Pty Ltd and Richard Larritt Organ Builder. In addition to generous provisioning in the church budget, many private donations have made this expansion possible. The organ is now the largest in South Australia, and suitable for international recitals.

Main organ specification

Chamber organ

In 2010, a generous bequest from the Jones family enabled the purchase of a chamber organ. Built by Kenneth Tickell, UK, the organ has 5 stops and is used chiefly as a continuo instrument. It is available for hire and is easily transportable; as such it has greatly enriched the musical life of Adelaide. See the short video on the chamber organ on the page recognizing our donors.

Chamber organ specification:

Stopped Diapason 8 (wood)
Principal 4 (50% tin)
Chimney Flute 4 (20% tin)
Fifteenth 2 (50% tin)
Sesquialtera II from middle C

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